CAPCJ has a number of committees whose objects are to improve the administration of justice and assist its membership. Those committees are:

  • The Access to Justice Committee
  • The Committee on the Law
  • The Communications Committee
  • The Compensation Committee
  • The National Education Committee
  • The Atlantic Provinces Education Committee
  • The Prairie Provinces Education Committee
  • The Equality and Diversity Committee
  • The Indigenous Justice Committee
  • The Judicial Independence Committee

CAPCJ also has a representative on the national Judicial Counseling program, which is available to all judges and their family members.

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We trust our readers will understand that we reply only to questions or feedback relating to our Association and material we publish. We do NOT have the capability to respond to questions which require research nor are we able to express opinions on individual cases.

You may contact our Executive Secretary.

The Canadian Judicial Council has produced this guide dealing with The Canadian Justice System and the Media

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